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Carbon Steel - A36

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Allow us to be your custom manufacturer utilizing A36 material

Spring Works Utah specializes in the custom manufacture of springs, wire forms, and stampings using A36 Carbon Steel material. Our extensive inventory and design experience makes us a resource for customer requests as well as a preferred supplier to spring manufacturers worldwide.
We know choosing the right material can be challenging and many times the most important aspect of your design. We will assist you in picking the best material for your specific application, all at the right price.

A36 Wire Forms


Order Information

If you would like FREE design assistance, (RFQ) request for quote, or would like to speak with one of our representatives more about your A36 Carbon Steel material project, please Contact Us.
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To learn more about A36 Carbon Steel material and its Relative Strength, Fatigue Properties, Rockwell Hardness, Minimum / Maximum Size, Maximum Operating Temperature, Electrical Conductivity, Density, and Typical Surface Quality, please see below.
Material A36    
Material Group Carbon Steel    
Description Cold drawn and heat treated before fabrication. Used for shock loads and moderately elevated temperatures.  
Cross Reference ASTM A36  
  UNS -  
  SAE/AISI -  
  AMS -  
  SAE -  
  MIL. SP -  
  FED -  
  JIS -  
  DIN -  
  BS -  
Relative Strength -   °F Stress Relieve -  
Fatigue Applications -   °C Stress Relieve -  
Rockwell Hardness -   Typical heat treatment / stress relieve after forming  
Min Size (in) 0.500   Sizes commonly available for wire or strip. Special sizes may be available at additional cost.  
Max Size (in) 3.000    
Min Size (mm) 12.700    
Max Size (mm) 76.200    
Max Temp °F -   Maximum service temperature. May vary due to operating stress and allowable relaxation.  
Max Temp °C -    
(E) Mpa -   Young's Modulus  
(E) psi -    
(G) Mpa -   Modulus of Rigidity  
(G) psi -    
Density g/cm3
Density lb/in3
Conductivity -   % IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard)  
Typical Surface        
Information is for Reference Purposes Only. Factors can vary with cold work, stress relieving and operational stress. Variations may be minor but should be considered for critical properties.  
A36 Spring Products:
A36 Wire Springs 
A36 Heavy Duty Springs
A36 Hot Wound Springs 
A36 Volute Springs
A36 Drawbar Springs 
A36 Wire Form Products:
A36 Wire Forms
A36 Wire Forming
A36 Wire Bending
A36 Wire Rings
A36 Wire Racks
A36 Wire Displays
A36 Wire Art
A36 Stamping Products:
A36 Flat Springs
A36 Spring Clips
A36 Electrical Contacts
A36 Battery Contacts
A36 Fourslides
A36 Multislides
A36 Laser Cutting