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Wire Bending

altSpring Works Utah can supply virtually any bar form you require utilizing round, square, rectangular, or shaped wire. Our industry leading wire bending equipment allows for an unlimited range of possibilities and sizes.



Custom Wire Bending

“You won’t find any stock bar forms here” as they are designed to fit in a standard area. The problem with this is that most designs are overstressed, meaning possible failure in your product. With this “one size fits all approach” unnecessary production costs may have been added, wrong materials may have been used and you are left with a product not designed specifically for your industry and your application.
When you tell us how you are using the bent wire form, we will assist to design it to work perfectly in your environment using your hardware.  No more “settling” for something close. This is often achieved at a much lower cost with a product that works the first time, and every time. Let us show you the advantage of working with a proven, trusted source. That’s what Spring Works Utah is about.  Put us to work for you!

Order Information

If you would like free design assistance, (RFQ) request for quote, or would like to speak with one of our representatives about your wire bending project, please Contact Us.
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Examples: Wire Bending


Wire Bending 01
Wire Bending 01
Wire Bending 02
Wire Bending 03
Wire Bending 04
Wire Bending 05
Wire Bending 06
Wire Bending 07
Wire Bending 08